How to change the RDP password from your FireVPS Client Area

Having issues with your RDP password or you forgot your RDP password and cannot access the RDP to change the password? FireVPS has a solution for you. You can change the RDP/VPS password from your FireVPS Client Area/Client Panel easily.
First, login to your client area from here: Client Area

Go to the “Services” option from the “left side bar” and click “My Services”.

It will load all your services. Select the product or service for which you want to change the password.

Once the selected service’s page is loaded, click the “change password” option from the “right side bar”.

It will show you options to enter the new password. Enter the password and click “Save changes”.

It will show “Password Changed Successfully”. For the new password to work, you need to stop and start the RDP/VPS. For that, first need to use the “Stop VPS” option from the “right sidebar” to turn off the RDP/VPS.

Once the task is completed, it will reload the page and show the RDP/VPS as offline.

Now you need to start the RDP/VPS by clicking the “Start VPS” option from the “right sidebar”.

Once completed, it will reload the page again and show the RDP/VPS as online.

Now, you can use the new password to login to the RDP/VPS.
This concludes our tutorial on how to change the RDP/VPS password from the client panel.

If you are still having any issues or confusion, please feel free to knock us on Live Chat from our website. Our support team is always ready to help you.
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