How to change the country for the RDP?

First login to your FireVPS client area

Now go to “Services” to check your active services.


Then select the service for which you want to change the country/location.


Click on the Upgrade/Downgrade options.


By default, you will see something like this on the upgrade/downgrade page.


Now choose a new location according to its availability. Then click the “Click to Continue” option to proceed to the next step.


When you click the “Click to Continue” will take you to the next page and generate an invoice.


After you pay the invoice, we will do the needful to complete the UPGRADE.

  • Please note that we need to “Restart” the RDP for completing all of the Upgrades and “Migration” is required for Upgrading to 10 Gbps plan from normal plans or changing the RDP location.
  • Migration is also required when upgrading from lower plans like 2 GB or 4 GB plans to higher plans like 8 GB or 16 GB.
  • Storage downgrade and downgrading from a higher plan to a lower plan is not possible.
  • All payments are recurring.

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