Why choose G Suite

Google Apps for Business

Google Drive

Store and organise files effortlessly over the cloud.

Google Docs

Create, edit and share documents on the go.

Google Calendar

Schedule meetings and manage your time with ease.

Google Sheets

Build, edit and review spreadsheets online.

Google Hangouts

Set up audio and video calls for remote collaboration.

30 GB Cloud Storage

Abundant storage to cater to all your needs.


Your professional email on Google.

Device Management

Sync across all devices with Google apps for business.

Outlook Email Client

Choose your preferred email interface with G Suite Syncpps for business.

Advanced Admin Controls

Easy management of users and groups.



Ans. Of course, you are free to install any bulk email sender application inside RDP. Any mail sender will work and you must have to configure SMTP well. Let us know if you face any problem configuring, we will help.
Ans. We provide full admin access with all our RDP plans. You are the administrator and you can install any programs inside RDP. This is, in fact, an admin rdp.
Ans. You can easily browse website from within RDP. You do not have to share your identity and those website you visit will see the IP of the remote desktop. So you will hide your identity in a new way using RDP. You can also use your RDP as a VPN. So it is also a VPN RDP.
Ans. Most of the RDP provider provides RDP as Remote Desktop account. Actually, they create multiple accounts on the same RDP and provide access to multiple users. This will lower the performance of RDP. You should choose the dedicated RDP which is not shared with other users.
Ans. Yes, you can. You are the administrator and you can install any program/script inside RDP. You can run that simultaneously without any performance problem. In most cased 4GB RDP is the best. You can also run SEO tools and other programs that need to run for a long time inside RDP.
Ans. We accept major payment methods. You can purchase RDP using any card, PayPal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin. Inform us if you find any difficulty owning a cheap RDP from us.
Ans. You do not need to install any 3rd party software/application to work with RDP. You just need to open Remote Desktop Connection (built-in with all version of windows) and insert RDP credentials provided by us. You can find Remote Desktop Connection by pressing Start - Accessories - Remote Desktop Connection.
Ans. Remote Desktop is installed and run on a server which is open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week(24/7). So you don't need to open your PC while running any software/application on RDP..
Ans. We provide dedicated resources to every RDP.  Your RDP is not shared with anyone. On the other hand FIREVPS provides 15USD package rdp which is shared with others. It is using VPS domain forwarding.  So you do not have dedicated IP in FIREVPS. Whereas you will get dedicated RAM and IP in all our RDP plans.  Also, our RDP is very cheap compared to FIREVPS.
Google offers G Suite at a similar price. However, the additional advantage with Firevps is the ease of managing everything you own like your domains and hosting on a single panel
The paid G Suite Account allows you to access your favorite Google Apps for Business such as Gmail, Drive, Docs etc. for your business linked to your own domain name and includes premium services that are not part of the free account such as: custom email addresses, twice the storage of free Gmail, enhanced security features and full administration rights with access to all the user accounts. You also get unlimited group email addresses, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, zero ads, 24/7 phone and email support, G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and more.
Yes it is compatible. Depending on the client, you can use either the IMAP or POP mail protocol. You can use G Suite Sync if you are switching from Microsoft Exchange or some other Outlook service.
No. Unfortunately, we do not offer any Money Back Guarantee with G Suite as it is not extended to us by Google.
Once you purchase your G Suite account (google business email), you will get access to email transfer solutions. Tools are available for migration from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, IMAP servers and other Google accounts.
Yes, you will be able to transfer your existing G Suite account to Firevps. However, any existing tenure with the other provider, if any, will not be moved to us.
Differential pricing will be applicable according to the country of origin of the end customer for all G Suite plans. Resellers will have an option of setting region-specific pricing for their customers on the panel. These are the prices for each region:

India at $1.8/account/month, Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam & Thailand) and Egypt at $2.4/account/month and the rest of the world at $4/account/month.

The price per account reduces when you purchase G Suite ( Google apps for business) for a higher tenure like 12 months. For example, you will only pay for the price of 10 months when you purchase G Suite for 12 months.
Yes, support is provided with your G Suite / Google apps account. We will directly manage all DNS and account setup related issues.
Your G suite account comes with GMail for Work, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Sites and more. On top of that it directly integrates with your mobile device. You do not need to worry about security or leaks as the experts at Google manage and update everything for you on the Gsuite Productivity Suite.

G Suite - Google Apps for Business Features

30 GB Storage

Powered by Google's Cloud platform, abundant storage across all Google apps for business is an integral part of how Google enables collaboration. You can stop worrying about running out of space and enjoy unfettered access to all your work from the cloud.

Real-time Collaboration

Work seamlessly with multiple teams across continents or rooms. Edit presentations, documents, and spreadsheets together in real-time with Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets.

Work From Anywhere with G Suite

With mobile support for the complete suite of Google Apps for business across iOS, Android, Windows ecosystems, work will never stop and business will never sleep. Edit, communicate and share files across any device for a seamless enterprise experience.

Secured by Google

G Suite comes with multi-factor authentication and world-class encryption offering a highly secure, reliable and compliant environment. Google also has advanced algorithms that detect and alert you about suspicious incidents and ensure top-notch security for your data.

24X7 Support

You will always find a helping hand close by with support from Firevps's award-winning support team backed up by the wizards at Google.

No Advertisements

G Suite provides a completely ad-free experience, removing unnecessary clutter and enhancing your team's ability to focus on work and get more stuff done.